Links for writers     

Willamette Writers: We now have a place to feature links to your personal websites! If you've got a site that promotes your own writing, or other creative endeavors, let us know and we can include it on the WW Members' Directory page.

Online Advice and Resources

BookWire: A comprehensive listing of book-related resources available on the internet.

The Children's Literature Web Guide

Children's Writing Resource Center

Common Errors in English: from Paul Brians of the WSU English Dept.

Essays on the Craft of Dramatic Writing!: Essays by Willamette Writers' office manager Bill Johnson that explore principles of storytelling through reviews of popular novels, plays and movies. He's the author of A Story is a Promise, a popular writing workbook.

The Market List A Resource for Writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

Publisher's Weekly

The Writer: Magazine that offers articles about the craft of writing


American Booksellers Association

Field's End: Field's End serves the writers' community and nurtures the written word through lectures, workshops, and instruction in the art, craft, and profession of writing.

Horror Writers Association: Online resources for horror writers

Literary Arts Inc.: Sponsors of book awards and fellowships

The Mountain Writers Center: Portland, OR

Mystery Writers of America: Online resources for mystery writers

National Writers Union

Oregon Writers Colony

Pacific Northwest Book Sellers Association

Rose City Romance Writers

Science Fiction Writers of America: The official site for SFWA

Online and Local Book Sellers

Barnes and Noble

Annie Bloom's Books

Powell's Book Store

Wrigley Cross Books

Pacific Trail Books


Directors Guild of America

Hollywood Creative Directory: The online version of the published Hollywood Creative Directory. (note: There is a fee to consult the listings)

Internet Movie Database: Excellent database search engine to find info about produced movies

Writer's Guild of America: Lots of links to industry organizations and professionals

References & Research

Bartlett's Quotations: Searchable database of famous quotes

Encyclopedia Mythica

Encyclopedia of Psychology

FedWorld: A database of federal agencies

Language Dictionaries and Translations

Librarians' Index to the Internet

OneLook Dictionaries: Online dictionary compendium

Project Gutenberg: Online project to convert works of literature into freely available electronic texts

Style and composition: Elements of style and composition