Willamette Writers Dream House
by Cynthia Whitcomb

Photo of Willamette Writers Dream House, a place for one day writing retreats

Our 'dream' writing house is now ready to welcome you!

There are basically three ways to use the dream house: reserve a room for a 16-hour writing spree; join your peers for a critique group; or host a workshop.

Use of the writing house is restricted to Willamette Writers members. Not a member? Want to join? It is fun, educational and costs a little over a weeks worth of lattes.

The house is just a hundred feet from Highway 43 and a short distance from I-205 at 2108 Buck St, West Linn, OR 97068. It is near bus stops in both directions. A little way away, across Highway 43, is a Starbucks, restaurants, grocery store and the lovely West Linn Library. Click on this flier for directions to find the house.

Note: The house is not currently wheelchair accessible. We hope to have that remedied soon. Please check back.


Cost: $10 per person for a 16-hour period, beginning at 8 a.m. and going to midnight. For ten bucks a day, you own A Room of One's Own to quote Virginia Woolf.

Rooms: There are six writing rooms, four on the main level and two upstairs. If six writers rent all the rooms on a Saturday, you can have a one day retreat!

If you are using the house for a workshop, you must reserve all six rooms ($60) and you'll have the full use of the house. If you don't reserve all six rooms, each person entering the house to attend the workshop must pay $10, up to $60.

The rooms are set up as offices for writing; there are no beds and no staying overnight in the house.

Click here to reserve a room, on-line.

The on-line system accepts on-line payment (preferred) by Visa / Mastercard, you can pay by check (mail), or you can pay on arrival.

Make an online contribution

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Here are the Room Descriptions:

On the Main Floor

Writers Scottland Yard writing room Scotland Yard.

Inspiring for mystery writers, horror or paranormal. It has a big old roll top desk with cigarette burns on it and a raven looking over your work as you write. It also includes a standard computer desk, if the bird starts to bug you.

Willamette Writers Dream House room for screenwriters The Back Lot.

Our Hollywood room looking out on the gorgeous back yard as well. Movie posters, potted palms, directors chairs and a screenwriting library. It is perpetual summertime in The Back Lot.
The Willamette Writers Dream House Algonquin Room The Algonquin Room.

Think New York circa 1955. Vintage photographs of the Chyrsler Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square. Portraits of such New York writers as Truman Capote, Cole Porter, and Jack Kerouac. A large wooden desk and a full sized couch if you sometimes need to write nestled down, feet up.
The Willamette Writers Dream House Bloomsbury Room The Bloomsbury Room.

Our English garden room with roses, a love seat and coffee table set for tea. Portraits of beloved English novelists in gilt frames. Oil paintings, an antique secretary desk and an old school teachers desk to choose from. Lace curtains, but not too sissy. P. G. Wodehouse or Tom Stoppard would be only too happy to write here.

A photo of the Willamette Writers Dream House Middle Earth writing Room Middle Earth.

Themed for Fantasy and Sci fi writers both. Half Middle Earth/ Hogwarts and the other half of the room battles between Star Wars and Trek. (You don't have to take sides. We try to be fair here.) Sit facing one direction in this room, and you stare into the future and deep space. Face A photo of the Willamette Writers Dream House science fiction writing Room the other way and you find yourself wandering into the huge framed map of Middle Earth. You can zone out into other nether worlds of fantasy. Two desks. One from the future and one from some strange cottage in a dark and dangerous wood.
A photo of the Willamette Writers Dream House Narnia writing room Narnia.

Inspiring for writers of children's and Y.A. books. Framed illustrations from beloved children's classics and portraits of classic authors like Beatrix Potter. We are even trying to find a wardrobe that might have a few fur coats and a door into another world in it. Any offers? Seriously. I mean this. On the main floor the living room has paintings, fireplace and stained glass.
The Willamette Writers Dream House Library The Library at the top of the stairs is open to any writers in residence that day. It is not open to general membership all the time, as the traffic through the house would disturb our writers at work. An electric fireplace is surrounded by wall to wall bookshelves. Comfy chairs. Ottomans. Charming and cozy. (A reading as opposed to a writing room; it cannot be reserved for writing.)

We have a special book case area for books written by our members. Please donate one copy of each of the books you've had published. This is one of the wonderful ideas from Oregon Writers Colony's Colony House at Rockaway Beach. Their pioneering a writing house in Oregon has been one of our inspirations for the W.W. Writing House.