Writer's Faire     


Winners for our raffle have been chosen. They'll be contacted soon about setting up meetings with our authors. Raffle tickets: 1 for $1, 6 for $5, 13 for $10

Mainstream: Jean Auel -- Joni Heyman          Linda Kuhlmann -- Tom Snethen

Literary: Jane Kirkpatrick -- Beth Strand
         Whitney Otto -- A. Larson

Suspense/Thriller Larry Brooks -- Kim McKimmie
         Elizabeth Engstrom -- Teri Gray

Mystery: Bob Dugoni -- Martha Miller
          Ed Goldberg -- N. LaPaglia
          Ken Lewis -- Timothy Reiser
         George Wright -- Anita Lanning

Science Fiction: Steve Perry -- Barry Firth
         Mary Rosenblum -- Barry Firth

Poetry: Judith Massee -- Patsy Lally

Children/Young Adult Tom Birdseye -- K. King
         Nicole Rubel -- Rachel Bennett

Screenwriting: Gill Dennis -- Jeanmarie Zubia
         Michael Hauge -- Peter Buckingham
         Cynthia Whitcomb -- Charles Cruz

Nonfiction: Julie Fast -- Catha Loomis
         Jessica Morrell -- Rose Lombard
          Laura Whitcomb -- Victoria McGinness

Historical: Diane Goeres-Gardner -- Carrie Uffindell

Women's Fiction: Jennie Shortridge -- Judy Kornfeld

Romance: Linda Needham -- Carrie Uffindell

Humor: Marc Acito -- Corey Stixrud
         Wendy French -- Tom Snethen

      I am the lucky person who won an hour with Karen Karbo at last year's Willamette       Writers Conference. Karen was great fun. She was engaging and friendly and helpful       and wise. And boy, was she funny! She asked about my writing, answered my various        questions thoughtfully, and provided some keen insight into the writing process. She        also bought me a pretty dang good sandwich. We double dated (so to speak) with       Whitney Otto and the lucky person who won an hour with Whitney at the conference.       How cool is that? I enjoyed my time with Karen immensely, and hope I win this year as       well. I've since read Karen's How to Hepburn a couple of times, a book she gifted me at       the end of our lunch together. My hour with Karen continues to inspire...

            Corleigh (Corey) Stixrud

Two attendees at Writers Faire 2007 talk about books.